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And so one common dating mistake shy men make is that they never tell the girl they like her.As a result she’s left to assume that he just isn’t that interested in her (and he winds up in the friend-zone).

To help guys who are in the same boat I was in, here are few dating tips for shy guys who are looking to overcome that shyness with women.

In order to protect myself from heartache, this is what you should always assume is going on until you absolutely know otherwise.

Meaning, he tells you in the declarative that he’s interested.

Before going for the kiss, take small steps to see how comfortable she is getting physical with you.

For example, at the end of the date, simply stand in her personal space while making eye contact with the girl.

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How to show a girl you like her: going for the kiss Telling a girl you enjoyed your time together is good, but an even stronger sign of interest is to simply go straight for the kiss.

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