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- Use the drop down box to choose the Production File SYstem that you wish to have a checkpoint created.- Give the Checlpoint a name, click on OK and you are done.To mount the vmdk within linux I can't take any credit.Thanks to this blog by Nick Triantos, he demonstrates hows to use some linux mount commands to mount the vmdk.Then when i tried to mount a vmdk, I got the same error as before.I then tried to mount a vmdk, using the vmware-mount command of a VM that was powered OFF, and it was able to mount the vmdk.VMware has a disk utility that allows you to mount vmdk's on windows without having VMware Workstation or Server installed.

Then I try using vmware-mount to mount a vmdk and I get an error saying it couldn't mount it because "it's not a filesystem" So I tried to make a R/W checkpoint of a different filesystem on the NS40.

Or like before, you can browse through the GUI desktop to access your files.

1) sudo umount NFSmount2) sudo umount mountpoint ------------------------------------------------Some notes on things I tried where I got stuck.

**Edit** 10/21/2009 - This is not solely for VMs running on NFS Datastores. You just have to export the snapshot as a NFS volume to mount it inside a linux box **EDIT** 1/15/2010 - Collin Mac Millan over at brought up a very good point. I currently have 7 ESX Servers running version 3.5 and an EMC NS40 Celerra Version running version 5.3.36.

How can you export an ISCSI VMFS to a NFS datastore? I no longer have my celerra, so if anyone can test and let me know, I will be sure to update the post. My environment runs solely on NFS and so far this is the best option I've seen. Using the Celerra Manager we will create a schedule of checkpoints for a file system.

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The methods carry an xx, 1xx, 2xx, or 3xx alphanumeric designation.